oh, futz

P.K. Subban is a BAD MAN!.. coming out of the penalty box Subban gets the puck and loses (Daniel) Briere, and then goes after Avs goaltender Calvin Pickard with a filthy deke for the goal. Then celebrates the only way we know P.K. can.


photos by paul nicklen for national geogrphic, who explains: "i have been traveling to northern baffin island for more than twelve years to try and get one underwater picture of a male narwhal. narwhals are very shy. they have a sensitive nature and excellent echolocation. you can see hundreds passing by the ice edge, but when you slip into the water, you may never see one.

"late one afternoon, i had been in the -1.7°C water for a couple of hours, and i was freezing so badly that my legs and arms were cramping up. i couldn’t feel my lips around my snorkel, so i just stared into the black 2,000-foot abyss trying not to think about how cold i was.

"then, out of the corner of my eye, i noticed something bright traveling through the murky water. i turned my head, and there they were: several male narwhals, swimming in beautiful formation. i put my frozen finger on the shutter and, as i was about to take the picture, the narwhal closest to me let out a stream of bubbles. i snapped the picture in what was the most incredible moment of the assignment." 


He hurt his foot. [via]


friendly reminder that i did graphics for official-nhl last year at the beginning of the playoffs, and then i got removed as a user with no warning, no message, no thank-you for volunteering my work. it’s a blogging website. and if you take the joy of people making their own gifs of their own favourite team for their own fanbases then idk. if you make general nhl posts that’s one thing, but don’t take pride in the fact you literally cornered the creative market.


Mildly suggestive Talbo with lemons is my vote for official face of the NHL. 

wolf playing in the snow


tbh hockey is ruining the national hockey league


Arctic Fox Cub Viciously Attacks Man’s Feet »» video ««


Reminder: Nicklas gets puppies every year because big dogs scare him.